I Quit Searching For Jobs!!!

For a while, I have been looking for a DevRel role, attended many interviews, and still without a job.

I decided to stop searching and spent the last two months thinking about my next step, and I realized that over a million companies are looking for people to create content around their products.

Many web3 brand, tech-based products need well-optimized and user-centric content.

I have decided to become a DevRel Advocate and ambassador to all companies. I promise to write and create FREE videos, podcasts, and documentation for all tech-based companies.

Yes, you heard right.


Shoot me an email at [blackbird002@duck.com], tell me what you want, and see me create magic and promote it for FREE.

I know it will be a lot of hard work, and some might call me crazy, but I know Elon was once called crazy.

Let’s Go.

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