Are SoftNote Ordinals the Future Of Web3?

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What are SoftNote ordinals?

SoftNote ordinals are unique serial numbers used to identify tokens, images, text, and other forms of data on the tectum network. 
These serial numbers are usually attached to SoftNote bills and other tokens in the order they were mined or obtained.
These ordinals using 0.00000001 TET are used to create a unique number or address given to data, images, and other essential files on the Tectum network.
By attaching SoftNote ordinals to images, text, and other forms of data, the ordinal makes it possible to control the flow of digital assets, making them scarce to increase their value such as non-fungible tokens(NFTs).
According to research, SoftNote Ordinal-enabled applications could surpass 17 million by 2025. 

How would the SoftNote Ordinals Work?

The softNote ordinals inscribe unique information, mostly serial numbers, to each token in the order the token was gotten. The serial numbers are embedded directly into individual tokens and stored using the Tectum t12 protocol.

Uses of SoftNote Ordinals

  • Tracking Individual tokens
SoftNote Ordinals can be used to track where every token is and who owns it. The numbers help identify the token’s owner and where every token is.
People will actually want to collect TET since every bit can now be transferred and tracked.
  • Allows creators and developers to build on the Tectum blockchain.
  • Uprise in tectum speculation.
  • Track SoftNote Bills
After being inscribed in the softNote bill, the ordinals automatically severed a tracking ID on the bill. This unique ID can now be used to track the owner and location of every softnote bill being minted.
  • Mint different sizes of NFT cheaply
For NFT enthusiasts, Minting an ordinal NFT can be very complex and requires a good technical knowledge of the tectum blockchain network. 
While other blockchain networks give expensive charges for large sized NFTs, softNote offers the ability to mint any size of NFT you want for cheap fees when you use their ordinals.

Advantages of SoftNote Ordinals over Traditional Ordinals

  • Immutability
Once inscribed into the blockchain network, the ordinals cannot be changed or erased. This makes sure the tokens and data remain authentic and valuable.
  • Native Blockchain
While traditional ordinals are slow and clog up their mem pool, Softnote ordinals use their tectum blockchain to transact. The Tectum blockchain makes it faster to send and receive tokens and ordinals.
  • Easy to Use
The softNote ordinals perform and authorize transactions using a unique serial number and passcode. And they’ve made it so easy that it can be sent over any platform, including WhatsApp, mail, discord, etc.
  • Security
Because of the security of the tectum blockchain network on which the softNote ordinals operate, it is difficult for hackers and other third parties to see or gain access to your data. Thereby making it more secure than the traditional Ordinals.


SoftNote ordinals offer an innovative solution for creating verifiable digital scarcity and ownership on the Tectum blockchain. With over 5.2 million NFTs minted in 2022 alone, the appetite for provably unique and trackable digital assets continues to accelerate.
While the world is on the verge of transitioning, SoftNote ordinals provide immutable serial numbers and IDs at a fraction of the cost of other chains. Creating a unique opportunity for developers who have already started using these unique identifiers to create new models of digital ownership for assets like artwork, music, writing, and more.
With powerful capabilities like mobile accessibility built directly into the protocol, SoftNote has positioned itself on the leading edge.
SoftNote Ordinals might be new for many people, but we are witnessing the next industrial revolution, and I cannot wait to see what 2024 will bring. 
Keep your eyes peeled. 

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