AI tools to increase the productivity of web developers

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Recently, developers have been looking for ways to boost their speed and effectiveness to produce high-quality projects. 

Various AI-powered applications assist in getting more out of their daily activities, allowing developers to work more efficiently.

In this blog post, we will discuss the significant AI Tools that increase the performances of developers. 

It doesn’t matter if you are a novice, professional, or just started in your programming career in this blog post. We are here to help you. 

The first AI tool we will be discussing will be:


It is an AI tool that codes and offers immediate suggestions to improve their code. 

It is an open-source platform that alerts users on severe issues and provides solutions to bugs. Here are other things to note about Deepcode:

  • The artificial intelligence (AI) tool helps developers to increase the security and the quality of their code.
  • It can scan your code, identify errors, and sometimes suggest solutions and optimizations improve their code.
  • It can integrate different platforms like Visual Studio Code, GitHub, etc.
  • With the help of machine learning, it can read an existing code and improve or suggest improvement over time.


ChatGPT is an AI-based chatbot that generates more human-like responses. 

Due to its extensive knowledge of various issues/topics, users can utilize it for multiple purposes ranging from different sectors, such as e-commerce, to healthcare and students. 

Even programmers have begun to use this tool. Other things to consider about ChatPT:

  • It is a chatbot that has broad knowledge on a variety of topics, Where programmers have the opportunity to tap in.
  • It can create conversation in human-like text based on the input or content asked for.
  • It can perform language translation, question and answer, and summarization tasks.
  • Programmers can use it to solve programming problems by asking chatGPT questions about their code.
  • Numerous programs, including chatbots, linguists, and content producers, can incorporate ChatGPT.
  • Through OpenAI’s API, ChatGPT is added to our applications and website.

Notion AI

It is a powerful artificial intelligence tool that summarizes text, creates blogs, solves mathematical problems, and translates from one language to another; it can also write javascript code based on the user prompt. Below are some of Notion AI features:

  • It is a productivity tool with features like task management, project management, and note-taking.
  • Users can create tasks, notes, and databases in a single workspace.
  • It allows collaboration with other developers, sharing and editing a page with specific people or teams.
  • Users can receive ideas and vital information from Notion AI about linked pages, forthcoming tasks, and team members.
  • It has both paid and free plans.


It is an artificial intelligence (AI) tool that assists developers with code completion. It understands code content and makes suggestions to help with code completion, where it makes suggestions in real time. Below are some of Tabnine’s features:

  •  It has an AI completion tool that allows programmers to be more productive by auto-completing their code.
  • Based on the context and the syntax employed, it makes predictions and offers suggestions for your recent work.
  • Tabnine ensures the consistency and quality of your code.
  • One of its excellent features is that it protects your privacy by storing all code locally on your system.

Black Box Ai

Black box AI is an Ai tool where the developers do not know the inner working, they provide input, and it outputs the desired response. 

Natural language processing, robotics, and self-driving cars are a few examples of the many industries that use this type of AI. Here are other things to note about Black Box AI:

  • It is a device or system that produces essential information without revealing how it works.
  • It uses the machine-learning algorithm to make predictions where the forecast explanation is undisclosed. is an AI search engine that provides users with information related to the prompt made, and users can choose if the message should be displayed as an image, blog, chat, or news, giving the user the option to select the most appropriate format. 

Below are some of’s features:

  • It is an AI that assists programmers in writing simple source code.
  • It offers a secured data connection in that there is no tracking of your online behaviour and no unnecessary adverts.
  • It has an extensive library of code samples and snippets to help programmers quickly find solutions to their problems.
  • It provides a place for programmers to share their code, which industry professionals can review and comment on.

GitHub Copilot

Powered by OpenAI Codex, GitHub Copilot examines the files you’re working on and any related work and offers ideas directly from your text editor. 

Find more insight on GitHub Copilot will be shared in the list below:

  • GitHub Copilot is an AI productivity tool for programmers that allows faster and more efficient code writing.
  • It also comes with the auto-complete feature that assists in completing our code.
  • Has the capacity to generate new code based on the instruction or prompt provided by the programmer.
  • Its extension is compatible with Visual Studio Code.


Timely is a time-tracking app used by freelancers, small companies, or multinational enterprises. It tracks almost every activity, from emails, meetings, website visits, the document you are working on, and even your travelling trips. 

You’ll find the timesheet that was generated automatically. Here are other things to note about Timely:

  • Users can use Timely for projects and team planning; it aids in project scheduling so that the developer does not exceed their time limit.
  • Developers become more time efficient as all their activities will be tracked and recorded.
  • Timely protects the privacy of its users by not taking screenshots, tracking users’ whereabouts, or logging mouse clicks and movements. Users have exclusive access to their personal information.


AI has made development more accessible and efficient in our century, giving programmers time to increase their productivity and allowing them to embrace some AI tools for effective software products.

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