Open Zeppelin ethernaut Fallback challenge 2023

Completing this Fallback challenge takes a lot of patience and observation of the codes.

Things to note.
1. Take over the contract
2. Become the highest contributor.

Open the challenge page on your browser 

Start by creating a new instance.

Next, call the address from the developer panel from the right using the contract.address.

Next, copy the code block and paste it into Remix Editor

After pasting the code, change the environment to injected provider and connect your Metamask wallet.

Next, paste the address we got above and paste it at the “at address”, enabling us to call that particular contract.

Deploy the contract.

Confirm the transaction, which will create a deployed contract for us.

Open the contract and contribute 1 wei in the value panel; then click on contribute.

Wait for Metamask to pop up and confirm the transaction.

After contributing, we need to use the “receive function”, but if we look at the contract, we won’t see the receive function; we can use the low-level interactions panel below.

Put in 1 Wei at the value panel and then click on Transact; this would allow your address to send 1 Wei to the contract, thereby completing the takeover and making you the owner.

Click on the Owner function to see the new address of the owner, it should match your address on Remix.

Call the withdraw function before you submit to drain the contract account.

Submit the transaction to pass the stage.


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