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This article will discuss the best cybersecurity programs/courses for beginners. But first, you need to know what cybersecurity is. 

Cyber security is the art of safeguarding servers, devices, and data from unauthorized access or illegal. 

It can also be said to protect networks and computer systems from information exposure and malicious attack.
Cybersecurity is crucial and essential and requires 2 out of every ten programmers should be in the field of cybersecurity as it helps safeguard all types of data against theft and loss. 

Here’s my list of the best cybersecurity programs for beginners:

Codeacademy is well known as one of the biggest platforms offering free programming classes for beginners. 

Codeacademy recently launched a Cyber security course for the basics and the introductory cyber security course. 
Upon its recent launch, this course has had over 64k learners enrolled. You can spend less time learning as it only takes approximately six(6)hrs to complete this course. 

During this course, you’ll learn the fundamental of network security and how to detect phishing and malicious attack. 
This course is beginner’s friendly and highly recommended.

The IBM cybersecurity certificate program gives you the technical skills for a Cybersecurity Analyst role, including endpoint protection, data safety, threat intelligence, and network fundamentals

This course also shows cybersecurity roles in organizations and the tools one needs to use to grow and develop. 
Coursera has a rating of 8000+ and a whooping of 96,000+ enrolled students on this course. To get started, click here.

Udemy is a well-organized and comprehensive course. It covers the basics and advanced topics about cyber security. 

The instructor, known as Nathan house(CEO of StationX), is a cyber security expert with more than 25 years of experience in cyber security. 

You’ll learn from a professional with real-life experience in dealing with online attacks and threats. 
This course has a high rating as it boasts over 240K students and has an average of 4.5 ratings.

Heimdal Cyber Security is a reputable and respected community that provides information and intelligence in the fight against Malicious attacks and cyberwars.

They offer cybersecurity courses for beginners free of charge.

During the duration of this course, you’ll learn about the tools and strategies that can protect you from malware, how to explore the website( social media included) safely, cybersecurity fundamentals such as setting up a security device, and security skills of how to attack, avoid and deal with cyber threats. 

Their major topics include Malware removal, account security, and mobile and desktop device protection.

This Cybersecurity specialization course on Coursera teaches the modulation of secure systems, including cryptography, hardware & software security, and mastering human-friendly security design
This course has an average of 4.6 ratings and over 80,000 students enrolled. 

Professional professors with years of experience in cybersecurity will handle the course. This compilation, of course, will take up to 6-8months to complete depending on your ability to learn fast. 

This course also covers the basic concept of the construction of secure systems with the use of cryptography to protect interactions. 

After completing this course and its projects, you will have a certificate you can showcase in your portfolio, resume, and profile. Click here to begin your journey now.

TryHackMe is an online cybersecurity training platform that teaches cybersecurity through a short and simplified process in a fun and addictive way.

You earn points by answering questions and taking challenges meanwhile maintaining your hacking streak through short lessons. 

With the newly introduced security learning path, anyone with little or no experience with hacking can learn the basics from networking, web, and standard attacks to operating systems (Linux and windows) as their weaknesses. 

TryHackMe is best known for simplicity because it is user-friendly and has a great learning structure. 

Tryhackme is an excellent path for beginners and prepares you for your journey ahead as you continue learning about this growing industry. TryHackMe has recorded over a million individuals who have known and currently learning cybersecurity with them.


Most programming languages require that their student have a bedrock of the course they plan to study. 

Cybersecurity does not require practical knowledge from the beginning. Being a beginner is okay, and you’ll get to learn as soon as you begin the program/course.

Cybersecurity is among the highest-paying jobs, with an annual pay of $150,000. 

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