Best Frontend Frameworks to learn in 2023

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Developers sometimes find it hard to choose which Frontend Frameworks to use when building web applications. This might be a difficult task for newbies as they are yet to know about the different frameworks. 

While some frameworks are suitable for blogs, some are primarily used for developing web applications.
In this article, I am going to list out the top frameworks a frontend developer should learn in 2023.


 Reactjs is one of the best frameworks used by developers in creating fast and lightweight applications,  ReactJS is easy to learn as they have a large community of developers readily available to answer your questions.

  • It was developed on the 29th of May, 2013
  • React can make API calls (sending the request to the backend), which deal with the data. Tech giants like Facebook, Airbnb, and Netflix make use of it.
  • It’s used in building interactive user interfaces and web applications quickly and efficiently using less code than you would with any other framework. It’s SEO-friendly for static and dynamic projects


is an open-source and small-sized framework used for building interactive webpages; it is a simple framework to learn and use. 

It provides an analytical and component-based programming model that helps you quickly develop user interfaces; it is built on standard HTML, CSS, and JAVASCRIPT.
It  combines the top-level features of React and AngularJS, leverages the virtual DOM’s capacity, and optimizes the code structure, making it easy to adapt to changes in documentation.
With vue.js as a framework, you can create a fantastic web application using HTML, CSS, and javascript. 


AngularJS is an extensible front-end framework that can be used with other libraries. It uses javascript and typescript for building web applications. 
AngularJS provides much flexibility as it can build apps suitable for all platforms. Its code can be reused and implemented in various web, desktop, or mobile applications. 
Moreover, It is based on TypeScript, enabling developers to detect and resolve errors quickly as soon as they are typed.
Angular is the best for developing dynamic web apps and business applications like PayPal, Microsoft Office, Gmail, and even Upwork.


SVELTEJS is a framework making waves due to its superfast compilation and build-time. Launched in 2016 by rich harris, it ranked in StateofJS in 2021 as one of the favorite frameworks used by developers and in StackOverflow as the most loved framework.
It is lightweight, simple, faster than angularJS and reactJS, and uses all existing javascript libraries. 
Although it started too late to be compared with angularJS or reactJS it is already gaining popularity among developers.


JQUERY is one of the most popular libraries used by modern-day developers. It allows the manipulation of webpages, collection of data from servers, response to user events, and much more. 
It makes DOM manipulation and event handling easier than when done with javascript. In simple terms, you can say jquery simplifies javascript programming.


Created by  Ryan Carniato, SolidJS is one of the latest frameworks gaining ground in web development; it is a javascript library used for building user interfaces and is built on the reactJS framework making it easy for developers who are familiar with reactJS to adapt to it.
SolidJS is arguably the smallest-sized framework; it’s declarative. It does not use the virtual DOM, but it gives the developer complete control over what is being updated and when it is being updated.


AlpineJS is a lightweight framework used for adding interactivity to web pages. It borrows concepts from frameworks like Vue, JQuery, and react. 
Alpine can only be used in small projects because it binds user input and shows or hides the DOM element under certain conditions. But if you are fetching, validating, or storing data, alpineJS is not an option.

What to consider before choosing a Front-End Framework 

Easy to use and learn: 
  • A beginner should choose a framework that is easy to learn or grasp its concept. The framework should have easy documentation, or a getting started tutorial to show you how to use the framework effectively. 
  • The framework should have the resources and tools needed to speed up and complete your project. You must check how easy it is to complete a task using that framework. 
  • Using a popular framework has many advantages, as there would be a lot of developers who specialize in it. As such, a more experienced developer can quickly handle any complication. 
  • Whereas if you use a framework that is not being used by many developers, you’ll find it challenging to find a community for that problem, and you’ll be stuck with your documentation, wasting a lot of time on that project.
  • Checking whether your framework allows you to extend your web application to mobile or desktop apps is a big deal. Your framework needs to have the ability to extend in case of more improvement on the web application in the future. If a lousy framework is chosen, the developer may rebuild the project from scratch again.
Developer Support:
  • Also, Checking if there’s a community available for that particular framework would help you know how many people are using that framework and the amount of response you would get if you put a question out there.
Type of project:
  • This is one of the most important factors to note. The type of project you’re working on will determine the kind of framework you’ll use. For small projects, you should use lightweight frameworks.


It is an added advantage for developers to properly understand the use of these frameworks.

These JavaScript frameworks are necessary when building modern front-end web development, providing developers with essential tools for building interactive web applications.

Different Tech Giants like Facebook, Google, Microsoft, PayPal, LinkedIn, Instagram, Walmart, and Uber use javascript frameworks to develop their web applications.

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