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This article will examine some of the best free hosting plans and why they are so popular. We will focus on some critical criteria to build our list which includes.

  • What it means to host a website.
  • Factors to consider when choosing free hosting and domain plans.
  • The different types of free hosting and domain plans.

What does hosting a website means?

When we talk about hosting a website, it simply means assigning a domain name, creating a hosting space, and uploading the website for viewers.

A domain name is a unique name that users type into the browser to reach a particular name. It is an authorized name having its extension and administrative control over the internet.

Hosting space is a web house for our website. It contains the files relating to the website created, maintains them, and gives the web browser easy access to run different pages relating to a particular website.

Assigning a domain name and creating a hosting space are all serviced by specific web browser plans owned by companies called WEB HOSTING COMPANIES.

There are a lot of web hosting companies that offer web developers hosting and domain plans.

However, getting paid plans are more secure and have good customer service.

Before one can consider going for a particular hosting and domain plan, one must consider certain factors. Some of these are;

Server Authenticity: Web hosting companies should have robust servers to avoid data loss and sudden site breakdown.

The use of e-mail options should also be available when purchasing or using a particular hosting plan, as this serves as a connection to your website’s domain name.

Presence of Site Back-Ups: anything can happen when a website is uploaded. Data loss, and excess traffic jams, which can lead to server crashes, are likely to occur. The availability of site back-ups on a domain and hosting service can help with such mishaps.

Security: hackers get smarter every day. Site protection tests should be carried out and focused on to avoid defacement and data loss.

A good web hosting company should provide security features/options to secure one’s site from web thieves (hackers).

Maintenance: a good hosting plan should have a good maintenance scheme from time to time. It may require some cost to run such an agenda. Maintenance ensures updates in one’s site due to new inventions over the web.

Storage: storage is another essential factor when choosing a hosting plan. Its bandwidth and hard disc space should be more than the size of your files on your website to some extent.

Ability to add subdomains: subdomains mean adding an extra extension to the name of your website. Not an essential factor to consider, but for website popularity, the need to create more pages or sites may arise.

With these factors mentioned above, let’s quickly run through 20 free hostings and domain plans one can considerably use:

  1. InfinityFree

InfinityFree is One of the best free web hosting sites for a website. Infinityfree has no credit card or ads and no storage limit. It is easy to navigate and well-secured.

It also has basic plans one can easily afford, good C-panel compatibility, and a variety of free domain names. To get started, click InfinityFree.

  1. GitHub Pages

allow one to host websites from public repositories on GitHub freely.

It is another excellent hosting platform that allows fellow programmers to interact by sharing codes and repositories.

GitHub Pages allow one to upload small or large projects over the internet. There is no limitation to the hosting space and generating a domain name is free.

The only disadvantage of hosting a website on a GitHub Page is source codes are open source, and everyone can see your codes, which is suitable for test projects.

Click here to create a GitHub account, GitHub.

  1. Netlify
Netlify works like GitHub. It has ample storage space, offers cloud computing opportunities, manages traffic, and supports complex codes producing big, fast, and dynamic websites. 
Netlify is free and reliable, especially for beginners. Click Netlify to get started.
  1. Hostinger
Hostinger offers a reliable free hosting plan for WordPress and PHP-built sites. It provides free SSL certificates, free domains, and extensive storage for uploading your website. 
It has a disc space of over 1100MB and 3GB of bandwidth as there is improved cloud storage technology. To get started, Click here, Hostinger.
  1. Bluehost
Bluehost has both free and purchased plans. It offers an affordable, easy-to-use domain and gives one-year free domain registration. 
It also has security features that help to secure one. Get started. Click here Bluehost
  1. Freehostia

User-uploaded image: free.PNG
Freehostia provides different free domain and hosting plans. Each plan has its storage sizes, bandwidth, and customer support. An example of a popularly used plan on Freehostia is the Chocolate Plan. Freehostia is also beginner friendly. Click here to get started. 
  1. Weebly
Weebly is mainly used freely for basic websites. With Weebly, one can design a website with free templates and generate a free domain name without coding. Its pro packages are affordable, and Weebly is an ideal hosting plan for beginners. To get started, Click Weebly.
  1. Hostgator
Hostgator offers a free domain for a year, just like Bluehost, with cheap domain plans. Hostgator undergoes certain upgrades from time to time, keeping your websites updated. It also offers a variety of hosting plans to choose from. Click here to get started. 
  1. Googie Host
Googie Host offers free opportunities to upload and even build your website freely with customized templates. It has s user-friendly interface and provides free email that creates interaction between customers and the company. Click Googie Host to get started.
  1. CloudWays
Cloudways is a simple platform for cloud hosting. Its plan is cheap and affordable. CloudWays proffers a 3-day free trial, and no credit card is required. Also, Cloudways is well-secured and has limitless storage space. Click CloudWays to get started. 
  1. Kamatera
Another reliable hosting plan for Cloud hosting is Kamatera. Kamatera gives 30- a day free trial and has improved cloud services with good cloud server management. Kamatera hosting plans have different types, and one can find cheap plans to use.
  1. Porkbun
Porkbun is an easy software that supports and hosts WordPress and PHP sites. It has designed templates but only hosts basic websites for free. The premium templates are not free to use. Click Porkbun to get started.
  1. AwardSpace
AwardSpace is another free web hosting provider. For new signups, it provides free domain and subdomain name registration. It is a well-secured hosting and domain software and gives authentic support to customers as well. Click AwardSpace to get started. 
  1. iPage
iPage has its website builder and also creates WordPress sites. It has an SSL certificate, unlimited space, and 24 hours support. 
iPage has different free hosting plans and gives room for multiple subdomains.
  1. Webhosting Area

Webhosting is a free, easy-to-use, well-secured, and dependable web hosting provider. Webhosting area gives free subdomains to one’s primary domain name.

Its free storage space is about 1.2 GB, and there is no scaled traffic, no ads, and credit card required. Also, it uses specific tools and features to build a website.

Webhosting has off-site backups. Click Webhosting Area to get started. 

  1. Wix

Wix is a famous website builder and hosting provider that gives free website hosting, especially for new users.

It has vast cloud storage space and a bandwidth of over 500MB. Wix is well-secured and has numerous customized templates that one can choose from to create a website.

Wix provides an email linked to one’s domain for giving feedback concerning the site. Wix has a lot of exciting features. Click Wix to explore more.

  1. NameCheap

NameCheap has hundreds of domains to choose from. It is affordable and has cheap hosting plans. It proffers support via email. It undergoes about two months of free trial for hosting your website.

It also supports WordPress websites and gives room for free domain migration. To get started, click NameCheap.

  1. HostPapa

Owned by a Canadian company, HostPapa is well-secured, undergoes some maintenance from time to time, has ample storage space, fast-loading speed.

It also gives free domains, and one can freely migrate a domain from another hosting site to HostPapa. HostPapa has a user-friendly control panel and can help one build sites quickly with the tools needed to create a website. Click HostPapa to get started.

  1. Bravenet

Bravenet is a drag-and-drop website builder and hosting platform. Its hosting services are free. Bravenet can give one access to photos that can suit one’s website.

It is well-secured and undergoes maintenance. Its storage space is also significant, and bandwidth is scalable. Click Bravenet to get started. 

  1. 20i
20i is another excellent cloud hosting plan. It possesses an SSL certificate, has over 50 site builder apps, including WordPress, 10GB SSD space for one website, and a considerable amount of bandwidth. Its website management is very much improved. To explore more, Click 20i.
 There are a lot of other free hosting plans and here are some of the most popular ones; if you want to learn how to build a website or web application, check these articles out. 

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