AI On Social Media- The War For The Mind

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There is a significant confluence between AI & Social Media. It is a two-way thing. AI not only affects Social Media, but Social Media also plays a vital role in the development of AI.

AI is developed through extensive data (big data), and one of the easiest ways to generate and source data at this scale is from the contents and interactions on social media.

Most social media platforms operate at scale, so for issues such as monitoring or censorship, the admin of these platforms has to use automation and AI for its management and policing.

AI algorithms such as sentiment analysis or recommendation engines (used by Facebook & Youtube to recommend posts based on the AI understanding of what you will like) are integral to any social platform architecture.

AI is integral to how and when Adverts are delivered to you on social media.

AI controls the engagement levels on your posts and ensures that people who are most likely interested in the topics or communities you belong to get recommended to you as a connection because engagement is a crucial goal for every social media platform.

So as you can see, AI plays a critical role in social media. But beyond this, it is also important to mention that only some of the effects of AI on social media are positive. For example, AI ensures a never-ending supply of content recommendations (recommendation engines) that can keep you engrossed in social media, using time in an unproductive way.

As an automated censorship tool on social media platforms, AI can also mean that humans may no longer have complete control over what free speech should mean or how dissenting views can be morally managed.

Most AI algorithms used for social media are optimized for profit, benefiting the Advertisers, getting the users dopamine-addicted, and biased to fringe or contrarian views on their platforms.

Overall, humanity cannot diminish the role of AI in social media. It will continue to grow even more profound and integral as we generate more data on these platforms. AI models such as GPT-3 are benefactors to the rich data AI can be trained on from Social media.

We only need to learn more about how to make AI an agent for good (AI4Good) as it helps us to make social media more meaningful.

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