5 Effective Rules To be a Top Programmer in 2022

The importance of programming has never been in doubt, with it surpassing oil as one of the most lucrative fields in the world.

Many people are asking, how do I become a better programmer?

After going through many YouTube tutorials, Coursera, Udemy, and many other courses, when do I become badass and top class.

Our article will help you navigate and become one of the most sought-after programmers if you follow the steps listed below.

Be Passionate about it.

Most people love the hype and feel of the job role, not the job itself, so they jump on it thinking the feeling is all.

You must be passionate about it; this must be your deepest wish and not just to fulfill all righteousness.

Start from scratch

Do not try to find short cut in your tech journey. You might spend long days on stack overflow and Reddit trying to fix issues on your code syntax. Begin from scratch and grow up; it will save you a lot of pain and time as those little things you ignore can mess up your entire code blocks.

Most of the best/senior programmers are good because they take time to study the basics, which are the foundation as you try to test your hands on your project.

Do not Binge watch tutorials; practice more.

A lot of tech enthusiasts binge-watch tutorials without even practicing. In this practice, researchers have shown that anyone who does this does not retain more than 10% of the tutorial.

Spend more time practicing than watching, test your hands on the examples, try new things with the examples, make mistakes and keep practicing. It will surely help you find unique and better ways to get the jobs done.

I have a rule for every tutorial I follow; for every 10 minutes of the tutorial, I spend 30 minutes testing the codes out.

The end game is to be better, not to finish the tutorial.

Join Communities and Open source projects

I cannot emphasize how important this means to join communities that can come to your aid when you need them and keep you on your toes as you practice and stay active. You might meet your next co-founder and CTO as many people are looking for good team members.

Join open source projects like this will be the fastest way to get your hands on real-life projects. The experience you gain from such projects is life-long and very much applicable to your resume and practice time.

Never give up

Giving up should never be on your bucket list; sometimes, you might get frustrated and angry, and your whole body might be saying give up.

Never give up; take some time to rest your head, take a long walk, do something else, read a book, go jogging, swim or take a long walk, and you will find yourself more relaxed and ready to try again.


Nobody said it would be easy; if it were, everyone would be doing it; enjoy the process; it is the best way to prepare your mind for what lies ahead.

Please read more documentation as you grow; it might sound boring, but you will soon see the usefulness as you improve.

Best of luck as you dive deeper.

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